A Green Team Tale

Today’s blog post is about Sahana, who boards two of her wonderful ponies, Wendy and Kinka, here at McIntosh Stables.  Sahana has been with us for three years and has grown into a talented young rider. Here is Sahana’s tale.

Sahana and her first green team lesson…

Featuring Jack, the school horse

sg jack

To her first pony…

Featuring Wendy! With the team of coaches here at McIntosh stables this amazing pair of pony and rider has been through it all; to the short stirrup to the .80meters. 

Sahanna and Wendy

 To Sahana’s first imported horse…

Featuring Kinka and Sahana in the jumper ring! Kinka and Sahana strive for mastery making it to the 1.10m jumper show ring! Way to go! 

SG kinka

To the Junior Jumpers…

Featuring Sally Ann. This new team of horse and rider had a successful showing at woodside the past three week moving up the levels in the jumper ring! 

SG and Sallysally ann sg

Great riding Sahana! The team is super proud of you accomplishing your goals and all your diligent work! 

From lessons at home to the show ring, the McIntosh team of coaches help guides and supports us through it all. 

Sahana is a green team role model of hard work and determination around the barn. Over the past three years the team at McIntosh is proud of her success and this success is evident in the show ring. 

Let Us take YOU on your own pathway to success and achieve Your goals with McIntosh Stables, USA.



Thanks for reading!




Riding Teaches Student about Life

Today’s blog posting is from our guest writer and McIntosh Club Student Vidhika. Vidhika prioritizes our fabulous school horse Happy and rides with us twice a week.

Riding has taught me many things, but one of the most important life lessons is persistence. I’ve learnt that I can’t just give up and stop trying, because first of all, you’d never learn anything that way, and secondly, your horse picks up on that, and would then know that you desist easily. Also, I’ve learnt that accuracy and partnership are crucial for riding. It’s important to have a strong bond with the horse so it’s easier to communicate. Accurately being able to communicate  is important too, so the horse knows what you want from it. I love to learn about making a connection with the horse. It never gets boring or uninteresting. Additionally, I love how horseback riding is a quiet but loud sport. You don’t actually speak, but instead you communicate a lot using your body and mind with your horse.

Some of my goals for riding are that I’d like to improve on my leg strength, and also on my core strength. I want to jump higher, but before I move on to bigger jumps, I would like to have a reliable and secure foundation. Additionally, my other goal is to go to some shows. I haven’t attended any shows, and it’s definitely something I would like do. All in all, I love riding because in addition to the pure joy and love of it, the learning translates so well to life.


Vidhika and Happy clearing a vertical in a lesson

Day 9 :)

Hey you guys! Keep up the good work 🙂 Here’s day 9:


Day 9

Warm Up: 5 sets of 5 exercises

10 Supermans

10 V-Ups

10 Sumo Squats (Feet are wide with toes slightly pointed out, make sure knees stay over the heels)

10 Mt. Climbers

10 Lateral Lunges

Plyometrics: Jump up on the mounting block (or a step or chair)

Core Finisher: :20 superman hold, :20 plank hold; :15 off. Repeat 4X

Nutrition Tip: Prepare for success by planning ahead. My biggest piece of advice is to use MyFitnessPal in the morning and try to plan out your day and what you are going to eat. This is going to

A) Make you aware of what kind of food you are planning to fuel your body with.

B) Let you know what kinds of food you should add in during that day if you get hungry; for instance if your plan for the day is high in carbs and fat, you know you need to have a few snacks with high protein.

C) Helps you stick to what you were planning on eating for the day.

Day 8!

Hey Team!

We skipped a day… woops! We’ll blame it on the weather 😉 Here’s day 8:


Day 8

Warm Up: Add one rep to first exercise, add 10 reps to second exercise. 3X through each round before moving on to the next.

1 Push Up, 10 Squat Pulses

1 Lateral Lunge, 10 Bicycles

1 Skater, 10 Mt. Climbers (Skaters – staying nice and low jump from right leg to left leg, and left leg back to right leg)


Core Finisher: 30 reps alternating between V-Up and Suitcase Crunch

Nutrition Tip: Being an athlete it is very important to being getting enough calories in your diet to fuel your activities. Not eating enough calories causes your body to go into “survival” mode and store and save the fats already in your body. If time spent in survival mode is long enough, your body will begin to use your muscle as a source of fuel. There are several methods used to calculate caloric needs, for a close estimate use the formula below. Weight needs to be in Kilograms, and height needs to be in centimeters.

Male: 66 + (13.7 * Weight) + (5 * Height) – (6.8 * Age)

Female:  655 + (9.6* Weight) + (1.7 * Height) – (4.7 * Age)

Day 7!

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this from Northern California then today’s tip is fittingly about water! Try this workout inside if you’re experiencing this gnarly weather 😉


Day 7

Warm Up:

3 times through, pick a place to jog to (about 20yds) and back at the end of each set.

6 EC Runners Lunge

12 Squat to Kick

24 Lat Jacks (In high plank position jump your feet in and out just like a jumping jack)

Jog (in place if you’re inside!)

Plyometrics: 20 Jumper Jacks

Core Finisher: :60 front plank, :30 side plank; :30 side plank

Nutrition Tip: Being that your body is made up mostly of water and uses water for just about any and every function, it is super important to stay hydrated! You normally don’t notice you are thirsty until about a 2% decrease in your body’s water weight; however, at just 1% decrease you may start to notice some negative effects in performance. By a 4% decrease in your body’s water weight you can loose up to 20-30% off your performance level. These performance decreases come from a combination of physical attributes as well as mental such as ability to focus, immediate memory, and mood. Everyone is different in how much water they should be drinking, a good rule of thumb to follow is drink enough that you aren’t becoming thirsty.

Fitness Challenge Day 6

Day 6

Warm Up:

Start with 12, subtract two reps from each exercise each set.

12 Traveling Lunges, 12 Toe Touches (Lying on back with feet straight up in the air, use your abs to reach towards your toes)

12 Sweepers, 12 Shoulder Taps

12 T-rotations (In high plank position reach right hand straight up to the sky by squeezing shoulder blades together and slightly rotating), 12 Good morning stretches (Standing tall, hinge at the hips, keeping legs slightly bent, lower chest until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs)

Plyometrics: Jumper Invisible Speed Rope. (Jump on your toes like you’re doing the speed rope then practice your two-point position reaching your butt back, keeping your eyes up, and releasing.) 

Extra Stretching: Cobra Pose, Downward Dog, Quad Stretch, Lying Knee Hug (these are all yoga poses that you can google)

Nutrition Tip: Ultimate snack recipes.

Energy Bites with the perfect balance of carbohydrates and fats with a good amount of protein:


Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie:


Fitness Challenge Day 5

Day 5

Warm Up:

Continuously counting, do 10 reps of each exercise until you reach 100.

10 Squats, 10 Mt. Climbers

10 Supermans, 10 Shoulder Taps (In high plank position, keeping core and hips still, bring right hand to left shoulder and return to mat, repeat with left hand)

10 Lunges, 10 Bicycles

Plyometrics: speed rope

Leg Finisher: Set timer for 3 minutes, hold a squat hold for as long as you can, when you need a break, knock out 5 squats and continue on in the squat hold until timer runs out.

Nutrition Tip: Foods high in carbohydrates include: whole grains (such as rice, pasta, or bread), beans and legumes, starchy vegetables (like sweet potatoes, corn, peas, and squash), and fruits (apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges). Fresh and dried fruits make for a great snack high in carbohydrates.