Day 7!

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this from Northern California then today’s tip is fittingly about water! Try this workout inside if you’re experiencing this gnarly weather 😉


Day 7

Warm Up:

3 times through, pick a place to jog to (about 20yds) and back at the end of each set.

6 EC Runners Lunge

12 Squat to Kick

24 Lat Jacks (In high plank position jump your feet in and out just like a jumping jack)

Jog (in place if you’re inside!)

Plyometrics: 20 Jumper Jacks

Core Finisher: :60 front plank, :30 side plank; :30 side plank

Nutrition Tip: Being that your body is made up mostly of water and uses water for just about any and every function, it is super important to stay hydrated! You normally don’t notice you are thirsty until about a 2% decrease in your body’s water weight; however, at just 1% decrease you may start to notice some negative effects in performance. By a 4% decrease in your body’s water weight you can loose up to 20-30% off your performance level. These performance decreases come from a combination of physical attributes as well as mental such as ability to focus, immediate memory, and mood. Everyone is different in how much water they should be drinking, a good rule of thumb to follow is drink enough that you aren’t becoming thirsty.


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