Day 8!

Hey Team!

We skipped a day… woops! We’ll blame it on the weather 😉 Here’s day 8:


Day 8

Warm Up: Add one rep to first exercise, add 10 reps to second exercise. 3X through each round before moving on to the next.

1 Push Up, 10 Squat Pulses

1 Lateral Lunge, 10 Bicycles

1 Skater, 10 Mt. Climbers (Skaters – staying nice and low jump from right leg to left leg, and left leg back to right leg)


Core Finisher: 30 reps alternating between V-Up and Suitcase Crunch

Nutrition Tip: Being an athlete it is very important to being getting enough calories in your diet to fuel your activities. Not eating enough calories causes your body to go into “survival” mode and store and save the fats already in your body. If time spent in survival mode is long enough, your body will begin to use your muscle as a source of fuel. There are several methods used to calculate caloric needs, for a close estimate use the formula below. Weight needs to be in Kilograms, and height needs to be in centimeters.

Male: 66 + (13.7 * Weight) + (5 * Height) – (6.8 * Age)

Female:  655 + (9.6* Weight) + (1.7 * Height) – (4.7 * Age)


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