Riding Teaches Student about Life

Today’s blog posting is from our guest writer and McIntosh Club Student Vidhika. Vidhika prioritizes our fabulous school horse Happy and rides with us twice a week.

Riding has taught me many things, but one of the most important life lessons is persistence. I’ve learnt that I can’t just give up and stop trying, because first of all, you’d never learn anything that way, and secondly, your horse picks up on that, and would then know that you desist easily. Also, I’ve learnt that accuracy and partnership are crucial for riding. It’s important to have a strong bond with the horse so it’s easier to communicate. Accurately being able to communicate  is important too, so the horse knows what you want from it. I love to learn about making a connection with the horse. It never gets boring or uninteresting. Additionally, I love how horseback riding is a quiet but loud sport. You don’t actually speak, but instead you communicate a lot using your body and mind with your horse.

Some of my goals for riding are that I’d like to improve on my leg strength, and also on my core strength. I want to jump higher, but before I move on to bigger jumps, I would like to have a reliable and secure foundation. Additionally, my other goal is to go to some shows. I haven’t attended any shows, and it’s definitely something I would like do. All in all, I love riding because in addition to the pure joy and love of it, the learning translates so well to life.


Vidhika and Happy clearing a vertical in a lesson


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