A Green Team Tale

Today’s blog post is about Sahana, who boards two of her wonderful ponies, Wendy and Kinka, here at McIntosh Stables.  Sahana has been with us for three years and has grown into a talented young rider. Here is Sahana’s tale.

Sahana and her first green team lesson…

Featuring Jack, the school horse

sg jack

To her first pony…

Featuring Wendy! With the team of coaches here at McIntosh stables this amazing pair of pony and rider has been through it all; to the short stirrup to the .80meters. 

Sahanna and Wendy

 To Sahana’s first imported horse…

Featuring Kinka and Sahana in the jumper ring! Kinka and Sahana strive for mastery making it to the 1.10m jumper show ring! Way to go! 

SG kinka

To the Junior Jumpers…

Featuring Sally Ann. This new team of horse and rider had a successful showing at woodside the past three week moving up the levels in the jumper ring! 

SG and Sallysally ann sg

Great riding Sahana! The team is super proud of you accomplishing your goals and all your diligent work! 

From lessons at home to the show ring, the McIntosh team of coaches help guides and supports us through it all. 

Sahana is a green team role model of hard work and determination around the barn. Over the past three years the team at McIntosh is proud of her success and this success is evident in the show ring. 

Let Us take YOU on your own pathway to success and achieve Your goals with McIntosh Stables, USA.



Thanks for reading!




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