Match Made in the Desert: The Caper and Talia Story

McIntosh Stables got Caper in as a sales horse near the end of 2017. We knew he was a special guy and are so excited to congratulate our own Talia Matityahu on their new partnership! Here’s the story of how these two met by Talia 🙂 Enjoy!


The first week of HITS Thermal was a very eventful one. It was my first horse show back in four years. The first day I rode in the .65s which was great and clear, and the .80s which my horse savvy refused a jump in. but the second day, right before I got on, Toni told me Savvy was hurt! He had sprained his foot, but she had an “extra horse.” His name is Caper and we went right into the ring that morning and went clear. It was an amazing round and from the moment I got on him we just clicked. Savvy was still injured the second week at thermal, so I continued to ride Caper. Every time I rode him it became more clear to me how well we worked together. As I was leaving the arena the last day of week 2, I overheard my dad talking to Toni about buying him, but when I asked my parents later, they said someone had already signed lease paperwork to take him home. Two days after I can home, I got a letter in the mail from my dad (who i live with…) telling me that they had bought Caper! It was such a great surprise! Since then we have continued to connect and with his great scope and consistent stride I have been able to learn a lot from him. I love my Caper!





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