McIntosh Stables Pony Club Welcomes New CA, Rhonda Reyna!

We’re beginning a new year here at McIntosh Stables Pony Club with our first meeting taking place on March 17th from 12-2. We are excited to announce our new Center Administrator for the year, Rhonda Reyna! We can’t wait to see what great things will happen in Pony Club under Rhonda’s leadership. So you here’s a little bit about our new McIntosh Stables CA Rhonda and her relationship with the USPC 🙂


I grew up in Santa Cruz, California with a strong passion for horses. I begged for rides from neighbors with horses in their backyards whenever possible.

When I grew up and could finally have my own horse, I was thirsty for knowledge. That’s when I learned about the United States Pony Club. I bought their Horsemanship book and studied it carefully.

 During my college years I worked with a researcher studying learning capabilities in horses. I gained valuable insight and understanding of horses from their perspective and was able to translate that into my involvement with them.

 Over the years, I’ve participated in many Equestrian sports and trained my own horses for Show Jumping, Eventing and Foxhunting. I ran my own Riding School for 9 years, coming on board with the United States Pony Club in 2009 as a Riding Center.  At the time it was a pilot program, expanding it’s membership to non-horseowners.

 This was a mutually beneficial arrangement as I was able to use the long established Pony Club curriculum as well as offer the program to kids who would otherwise not get to participate.  It was hugely successful and my Riding Center became a benchmark for the program.

 Life happens and I took a break from the Equestrian world for awhile. I love horses and mentoring youth. There is so much to teach them about how to take care of their horses and ponies. I am so excited to be back in it and working with McIntosh Stables and the Pony Club once again.




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