Fitness Challenge Day 6

Day 6

Warm Up:

Start with 12, subtract two reps from each exercise each set.

12 Traveling Lunges, 12 Toe Touches (Lying on back with feet straight up in the air, use your abs to reach towards your toes)

12 Sweepers, 12 Shoulder Taps

12 T-rotations (In high plank position reach right hand straight up to the sky by squeezing shoulder blades together and slightly rotating), 12 Good morning stretches (Standing tall, hinge at the hips, keeping legs slightly bent, lower chest until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs)

Plyometrics: Jumper Invisible Speed Rope. (Jump on your toes like you’re doing the speed rope then practice your two-point position reaching your butt back, keeping your eyes up, and releasing.) 

Extra Stretching: Cobra Pose, Downward Dog, Quad Stretch, Lying Knee Hug (these are all yoga poses that you can google)

Nutrition Tip: Ultimate snack recipes.

Energy Bites with the perfect balance of carbohydrates and fats with a good amount of protein:

Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie:


Fitness Challenge Day 5

Day 5

Warm Up:

Continuously counting, do 10 reps of each exercise until you reach 100.

10 Squats, 10 Mt. Climbers

10 Supermans, 10 Shoulder Taps (In high plank position, keeping core and hips still, bring right hand to left shoulder and return to mat, repeat with left hand)

10 Lunges, 10 Bicycles

Plyometrics: speed rope

Leg Finisher: Set timer for 3 minutes, hold a squat hold for as long as you can, when you need a break, knock out 5 squats and continue on in the squat hold until timer runs out.

Nutrition Tip: Foods high in carbohydrates include: whole grains (such as rice, pasta, or bread), beans and legumes, starchy vegetables (like sweet potatoes, corn, peas, and squash), and fruits (apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges). Fresh and dried fruits make for a great snack high in carbohydrates. 

Day 4 Fitness Challenge

Day 4

Warm Up:

3X: 4 inchworms, 40 High Knees

3X: 5 Push Ups, 50 Jumping Jacks

3X: 6 Reverse Lunges, 60 Bicycle Crunches

Plyometrics: 50 jumper jacks (put your hands forward like you’re holding the reins, and jump your legs in and out! Eyes up!)

Core Finisher: :60 Plank with alternating leg extensions

Nutrition Tip: Carbohydrates and Fats are the main sources of fuel for your body. Being more of an endurance athlete you body needs a high amount of carbohydrates to sustain the energy needed for riding.  Your daily consumption of carbohydrates should be about 7-8 grams per kilogram of body weight. [(BW/2.2)7g] = Carbohydrate intake)


Fitness Challenge Day 3 :)

Hope you guys are all feeling the burn! I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app from our Day 1 tip and it’s been amazing to see how much more protein I need compared to what I’m getting! Here’s day 3… Keep it up!!

Day 3

15 Minute Workout

Warm Up: Do each exercise for :30, :30 rest between each round; 3 times through.

  • Sweepers leg stretch
  • Lateral Lunges
  • Mt. Climbers

Plyometrics: Equestrian Squat Jumps

Core Finisher: :15 superman hold, :15 plank hold; :15 off. Repeat 4X

Nutrition Tip: Foods high in protein include: meats, milk, greek yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, beans, and nuts. Chop almonds into fine pieces and put them into a low-fat greek yogurt for a great, quick protein snack. Eggs also make an amazing protein filler whether they are hard boiled or grilled.

Fitness Challenge Day 2!

Day 2

15 Minute Workout

Warm Up: Start with 2 reps and add 2 each round, continue until you get to 10.

  • 2 Push Ups
  • 2 Hard Count Traveling Lunges (Left & Right =1)
  • 2 Supermans (lying on the ground, squeeze your shoulder blades and glutes to bring your feet and arms off the ground)
  • 2 Half burpees (in plank position, jump feet in to hands and back out)

Plyometrics: 10 jump ups onto your mounting block!

Core Finisher: 20 reps alternating between V-Up and Suitcase Crunch


Nutrition Tip: Protein is crucial for rebuilding and repairing muscle damage, which is caused during any workout. Also, provides essential amino acids that your body needs. As an athlete you need at least 1.2 – 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day. Take your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2.2 and multiply that number by 1.2 to figure out how many grams of protein you need daily.

Fitness Challenge: DAY 1

Hey Team and friends!

Thanks for tuning into our 14-day pre-thermal fitness challenge. A little info about how this challenge came about:

This past Saturday Jenny Whitworth and I had the opportunity to hear Daniel Stewart (USET personal trainer) give a lecture titled “E: 90 EQ – Equestrian fitness”. He asked why equestrian athletes don’t hold ourselves to the same fitness and dietary standards we hold our horses to. After his lecture he explained a great system of how to implement a 15-min daily workout into your busy schedule to get fit for your riding!

When I got back from the Symposium I contacted my sister, Maggie, who is a personal trainer, diet wizard, and all around fitness guru and asked if she’d help me create a daily 15 minute workout and share some diet tips with me so I could get in awesome shape before heading to Thermal to show for weeks 5 & 6.

After telling Toni and Colin about the fitness challenge we thought we should share it out to our entire team and invite everyone to take part! You can find the workouts here, on the McIntosh Stables Blog, or in your e-mail if you’ve signed up with me. Please feel free to ask questions on the blog, post your own workout videos and diet tips, share your struggles and progress, and come participate in barn workouts on the weekend (times TBD)!

This is the plan we have come up with as a team and we hope you guys will join us in getting fit not only for yourself but for your equine partner 🙂

Best of luck 😉

Casey/Team McIntosh

Day 1: 14 day pre-Thermal Equestrian Workout Challenge!

15 Minute Workout

Warm Up: 4 sets of the following 4 exercises

  • 3 inchworms (start in a plank position, walk your hands into your toes and back out to plank) 
  • 6 Squat to Calf Raise (squat low then up on your toes with your knees straight)
  • 9 Plank Step Outs (in plank position, step one foot out to the side & back at a time)
  • 12 Jumping Jacks 

Equestrian Plyometric Exercise: Equestrian crunches (balance on your seat bones with legs up, heels stretching down, and back flat. Pull your knees to your chest and your elbows past your knees) 

Core Finisher: :45 second front plank, :20 second side plank; :20 second side plank

Nutrition Tip: Tracking your food will make a huge difference in your performance as an athlete. Not only knowing what you’re putting in your body, but also knowing what your diet is lacking can have a huge impact on your energy levels and your performance in the arena. The best place to track your food is on the MyFitnessPal website and App. They make it super easy to log your food and look back at your macro and micronutrients, which we will get into more as the days go on.

New Horses From Europe

McIntosh Stables is starting 2017 off with a few new sales horses in from Europe! We’re super excited to be able to work with these talented horses that Toni and Colin hand picked from over the pond! If you’re at the barn be sure to stop in and say hello to them 🙂

Disco: 7 year old bay gelding from Ireland. He is a sweet charismatic horse that loves attention and has a great affinity for naps!

Tenesse Rouge: A big handsome red bay from Germany who loves his cheeks scratched! He is quite the gentle giant and enjoys getting hugs from his fans.

Claudious: A beautiful dark bay gelding from Germany with a very sweet face! He is super curious and loves carrots!

Celine and Dessa: Celine and Dessa are our mares from abroad that are still in Quarantine. They will be at the barn Thursday January 26th 🙂 They are already best gal pals and both very sweet ladies. We can’t wait to get them to the barn!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for photos and videos of our new creatures 🙂